My Burden of Proof

I have been an outspoken atheist for most of my life, so I wouldn't have guessed I'd end up with a devoutly Catholic boyfriend in college.  Needless to say, we've had plenty of discussions about our beliefs, and we've are still in profound disagreement.

During one discussion, I pressed him to name something that could serve as a disproof of Catholicism.  He named the historicity of Jesus as messiah.  If convincing historical evidence emerged that Jesus had never lived or that the Resurrection was a scam, he would be forced to give up his faith.

Then he turned the question on me.  What would I accept as proof of Christianity?

And I paused. And came up with bupkis.

I can imagine evidence that would convince me to believe in the supernatural or, that at the very least, human understanding of the laws of nature was deeply flawed, but that's a long way from being able to believe in a personal God who loves me.  I've given it some more thought since then, but, for the most part, I'm still at a loss.

Instead, I turned the burden back on my boyfriend.  I offered to read anything, try anything (within reason) that he thought would convince me. After dozens of weekly Masses, conversations with priests and deacons, a shelf-full of books, one experiment with prayer, and RCIA classes starting this fall, I'm still a pretty confident atheist.

I've started this blog both as an opportunity to strengthen my arguments against religion, by engaging with other atheists, and as a way to keep being pushed on my principles by Christians.  The only thing I want more than for my boyfriend and I to eventually end up on the same side is to make sure we land on the right one.  Thanks to all the commenters for keeping me on my toes.